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Why Webhooks as a Service?

You might think, I have an amazing engineering team. Surely they can figure out webhooks themselves? Even a well funded Silicon Valley startup with a strong engineering culture like Lob recently revamped their system using our webhook service. They were able to successfully simplify the design to make their engineers’ lives easier, increase scalability, add features to their dashboard, and make their cost structure more predictable.

Svix is the enterprise ready webhooks sending service. With Svix, you can build a secure, reliable, and scalable webhook platform in minutes. Looking to send webhooks? Give it a try!

Here are 6 reasons why you should use Svix for your webhooks:

Engineering Resources

Your engineering resources are extremely precious. Engineers can have an incredible amount of impact on your product but they're also very expensive. You want them to be adding core value to your product instead of spending time solving infrastructure problems that have already been solved by 3rd party APIs.

Domain Expertise

At Svix, we do webhooks all day every day. We've solved a multitude of problems that arise specifically from webhook implementations at scale and we know we'll keep finding and solving for more edge cases. With Svix, you get the benefit of our solutions without having to run into the problem yourself.

Developer Experience

Many popular apps like Slack and Sendgrid have very good webhook implementations. As more API providers start offering world class webhook experiences, more developers will want and even expect their APIs to offer webhooks instead of forcing them to use API polling for real time updates. In fact, a poll conducted by Wufoo (now part of SurveyMonkey) found that 82% of developers preferred working with webhooks over API polling.

Speed to Launch

Because we've solved a lot of the difficult scaling issues with webhooks and offer access to our infrastructure through APIs, you can launch your webhooks feature very quickly. If you already have a PRD with the events you need want to expose to your customers, you could convceivably launch in a few days instead of the months you would need to spend designing and building your infrastructure.


Svix is SOC 2 certified and GDPR compliant out of the box. We encrypt all data in transit and at rest.

Easy Zapier Integration

We offer a Zapier integration tool that takes your Svix webhooks implementation and generates a Zapier integration package in 1 click.


Webhooks are becoming a must have feature for APIs. Instead of taking months of your engineering resources designing and building infrastructure, launch a reliable, secure, scalable webhook experience in days with Svix.