We're Hiring!

Come join us in empowering every company to create a world-class webhooks experience!

We are well funded and are backed by Y Combinator, Aleph, and other amazing investors.

Working at Svix

At Svix, we are looking for smart, high-energy and fast learning individuals that enjoy having developers as their users, and share our values.

You will have a huge impact on the trajectory of the company and the product. You will be trusted to take ownership, have autonomy, and be a leader. You will get to solve interesting problems and technical challenges. We move fast, and speed of execution is one of our core values. We are obsessed with providing a great developer experience, and you will be expected to share this obsession. You will get a first-hand experience of every aspect of running a venture-backed business and building developer tools from the ground up. We are not looking for employees, we are looking for teammates.

Vision & Ambition

Webhooks will become a key part of every API. Many companies already offer webhooks, and this will only keep on growing. We will lead the way on how webhooks should be implemented, and aim to power most of the web's webhooks. The same way SendGrid powers a big percentage of transactional emails, and Twilio does for SMS. We will use this position to become a key player in the API-first future of software.

Open Roles

Backend engineer - Remote

An experienced backend engineer that moves fast with experience in building scalable systems.

Experience with building webhooks systems, asynchronous queues, AWS, or devops: a plus.

Key tech: Python (typed), FastAPI, Postgres, AWS, DynamoDB, and Redis.

Fullstack engineer - Remote

An experienced fullstack engineer that moves fast and is able to make an impact in both the backend and the frontend.

Experience with building asynchronous systems or being a good designer is a plus.

Key tech: Python (typed), FastAPI, Postgres, AWS, DynamoDB, Redis, React and TypeScript.

Developer advocate - Remote

A native-level English speaker who is in charge of making the developer experience great. The role includes writing a lot of content, tutorials, and docs, as well as being active on the chat, social media and even run online events.

You will have a big impact on our users' developer experience, as well as our community and public image. All are crucial for our success as a company.

The role requires both technical and soft skills as you will be interacting with our customers and the general developer community as a whole.

Growth lead - Remote

A native-level English speaker, who enjoys thinking and executing on everything pertaining growth. This role includes writing content, managing social media, running marketing campaign, engaging the community, and leading activities to grow the customer base and reach of the company and product.

We are looking for creative individuals with a founder-like mentality to work closely with our CEO in one of the most important roles in the company.

Think you would be a good fit but don't match any of the above? Please reach out.