Our Values

Our values are what guides us. We use them every day, whether we're hiring, discussing ideas for new projects, or deciding on the best approach to solving a problem.

They are not set in stone. We continually adjust them based on our experience, and inspiration from other companies. Everyone is welcome to suggest improvements. Please open a PR or a ticket with your changes to start a discussion.


Our customers are the reason we exist. We strive to constantly deliver value and always focus on what has the highest impact, rather than what's familiar or fun. We are bold and we think big. We see the big picture, but we don’t lose sight of the small details.


We focus on speed, simplicity, function and performance. We do more with less. We have a bias for action, are driven by a sense of urgency and adapt quickly.


We believe in “we over I”. We speak our mind, and are respectful to each other and each other’s time. We aim for clear and concise communication, have a strong preference for asynchronous communication and we document everything. We are quick to admit when we are wrong, we learn from our mistakes, and always give people the benefit of the doubt.


Every process is owned by just one person responsible for its success. We live by very high standards allowing our customers to rely on both our products and our people.


We strive to constantly improve ourselves and our work. We are always learning, and forever curious. We act with conviction based on our beliefs, and are not afraid to challenge the status-quo. We start with good and iterate to great.


We are always looking towards the future, imagining how it might look, and how we can make it better. We are fueled by challenges, we take initiative and act with great passion.