About Svix

Svix is the webhooks-as-a-service platform. We enable companies of all sizes to send webhooks easily and reliably, and our mission is to make webhooks easy and ubiquitous.

Webhooks are a key part of any modern API, and they unlock a variety of new possibilities for interacting with your services. They transform software products from useful applications into critical, real-time data infrastructure.

We are a team of passionate and seasoned developers looking to make it easy for everyone to offer a world-class webhooks experience.

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Our Investors

  • Christopher Golda

    Rogue Capital
  • Yuri Sagalov

    Wayfinder Ventures
  • Andrew Miklas

    Co-founder and CTO of PagerDuty
  • Kevin Patrick Mahaffey

    Co-founder and CTO of Lookout
  • Jason Warner

    MD at Redpoint, former CTO of GitHub
  • Ian Storm Taylor

    Co-founder of Segment
  • Kurt Mackey

    Co-founder and CEO of Fly.io
  • Hana Mohan

    Co-founder and CEO of MagicBell
  • Holly Dunlap

  • Michael Orland

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