State of Webhooks

The State of Webhooks Report presents research on webhook implementations. The goal is to show which best practices are adopted, how often they are adopted, and how those best practices impact actual webhook deliveries in practice. 100 API providers were examined as well as internal data at Svix where we deliver billions of webhooks on behalf of our customers.

Here are some of our key findings:

83% of the APIs researched offer a webhook service. This clearly demonstrates high adoption of webhooks.

67% of services offered automatic retries. The most common amount of retries offered is 5 with most offering between 3- 10 retries. Around 10% of the services stated they retried failed messages, but did not provide any information about the retry schedule itself.

25/83 providers specified that their retry schedule follows an exponential backoff.

12/83 providers specified that retries could be triggered manually. This was the least adopted best practice.

The best practice is to use HMACSHA256 signatures that has the payload, timestamp, and message ID.

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