Subprocessors List

Updated December 1st, 2023

What is a subprocessor?

In order to provide its services, Svix may engage third parties to carry out data-processing activities that involve access to customer data. These organizations, called “subprocessors,” are identified below with their locations and the types of services they provide to Svix.

Name LocationDescription of processing
Amazon Web Services, Inc.WA, United StatesSvix customers can deploy solutions on an AWS cloud computing environment that provides compute, power, storage, and other application services over the Internet as their business needs demand.
Auth0, Inc.WA, United StatesSvix uses Auth0 to manage authentication and user management. Auth0 doesn't have access to customer data.
Functional Software, Inc. d/b/a SentryCA, United StatesSvix uses Sentry for application error and performance monitoring. Sentry does not have access to any Svix customer data.
Datadog, Inc.NY, United StatesSvix uses Datadog for logging and monitoring of production systems. Datadog does not have access to any Svix customer data. Log information may only include internal Svix identifiers.
Google LLC (G Suite)CA, United StatesSvix uses this office suite to (1) communicate with customers in some cases, and (2) manage and organize customer requests.
Mailgun  Technologies, Inc.TX, United StatesSvix uses this as a primary email relay to send emails to Svix customers or customer's users as part of the Svix services (including, for example, monitor alerts, reports, and account modification). Data may contain customer name, email address, and the contents of other operational email.
Slack  Technologies, Inc.CA, United StatesSvix uses this internal-collaboration tool and communication platform to manage support requests from customers.
Github, Inc.CA, United StatesSvix uses this issue-tracking software to manage support requests from customers.
Stripe, Inc.CA, United StatesSvix uses this payment processor to manage payments and invoicing. Stripe holds billing and usage information, including customer email address, card information, and itemized payment information.