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Svix Update June 2021


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We've been keeping busy here at Svix. We improved the onboarding, developer experience, documentation and much more. A lot went on this month.

Svix CLI

We released a new CLI tool to interact with the Svix API. We are calling it Svix CLI. :)

It makes developing against the API even easier than before, and you can use it in conjunction with other tools. Here is the command I run to quickly open the management UI for one of my test users:

svix application list | jq '.data[0].id' | xargs svix auth dashboard | jq '.url' | xargs firefox

It already does quite a bit, but we have much more planned. It's packaged for macOS (Homebrew), Windows (Scoop), Arch Linux (AUR) and the Snap store (thanks @solo-fish!).

For more information, please check out the Svix CLI tutorial, or Svix CLI on Github.

Svix CLI - List Applications

Easier onboarding

We made it even easier to get started with Svix by adding an onboarding wizard for new users. People can now send their first message in under 30 seconds.

Onboarding wizard

Embed and white-label the management UI

We already mentioned it in its own blog post, but it deserves a mention here as well!

iframe screenshot

New libraries for Go, Ruby, PHP and Java

In addition to our JavaScript (TypeScript), and Python libraries. We now have full Go and Java (thanks @talhacohen!) libraries, that let you fully interact with the Svix API, as well as Ruby and PHP libraries that only let you sign and verify webhooks (for now). All of the languages support verifying webhooks sent by Svix - which make it very easy for your users to verify the events you send.

You can find all of the Svix libraries in the Svix-libs source repository.

Go library example

Documentation improvements and new API reference docs

As you may have noticed from all of the updates above, we care a lot about the developer experience of our customers and their users. We consider documentation to be an important part of what we do.

We improve our docs all the time, but we wanted to share two notable improvements that were done this month. The first is a section about consuming webhooks that you can share with your users to make it easier for them to consume and verify your events. The second is our new and improved API documentation powered by redoc.

Svix API docs

Slack community

We are very happy to announce the new Svix Slack community! The community is only a few weeks old, but it's already helping us better serve our customers and generated quite a few good discussions.

Many design improvements

The management UI got a face-lift as well as a few functional improvements to make it easier to use. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions!

Management UI face-lift

General improvements and bug fixes

We also improved the backend to support our customers' growing needs (more on that in a future post), and squashed a few bugs that slipped through.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have been making suggestions and reporting issues. Special thanks go to bosky from Kudos Finance for his detailed reports.

Coming next

We have a lot more coming, including some more in-depth blog posts about some of the topics above. If you have any thoughts or suggestions regarding what we should work on next, please join the Svix Slack and let us know!

This is it for this update, but make sure to follow us on Twitter, Github or RSS for the latest updates for the Svix webhook service, or join the discussion on our community Slack.