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We are very happy to announce the new Svix Slack community!

This new community will help us better serve our customers, and will also be a place for talking about Svix in particular and webhooks in general. Here are some of our most important goals for this community:

Provide urgent support

We have an #urgent-support channel that is intended — as the name implies – for urgent support queries. We are monitoring this channel almost 24/7 and is generally the fastest way to reach out.

A way for us to get feedback

In addition to the normal feedback channels (such as email), this community can provide us with feedback much more easily. This in turn will help us improve the product (and docs) to better support common use-cases and needs.

A place to talk about Svix

Many questions can be answered by looking at our docs and examples, though not all of them. This chat would be the go-to place for asking questions about using the service, and the developer team, as well as the rest of the community, are all there to help.

A place to talk about webhooks

We love webhooks, that's why we dedicate our waking hours to making webhooks easier and better. So even if you're not a Svix customer, we welcome you to join the community to share ideas and thoughts around webhooks.

Come join us at

This is it for this update, though we have a few more announcements coming soon. So stay tuned!