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Svix is NOT affected by the Log4j vulnerability


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TL;DR: Svix is NOT affected by the Log4j vulnerability.

A newly discovered vulnerability impacting Apache Log4j was made public recently. You can read more information about the issue on the lunasec blog, though the gist is: it affects most Java applications out there, and given that Java is quite popular, it affects a lot of services.

We just wanted to share a quick update that we are aware of the vulnerability, and have completed the verification and impact assessment the moment it became public. We do not use Java (or Log4j) anywhere in our production environments and services, so there has been no impact on either us or our customers. Just to repeat it again: Svix is not impacted by this vulnerability.

That's it for this update, we just wanted to make sure our customers know that their data is safe and Svix has not been affected.

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