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Event Catalog on a Custom Domain


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Since the early days of Svix we supported letting our customers define the schemas of the event types they send. The schemas are used in a few places throughout the Svix product, but one of the main things they are used for is the event catalog. The event catalog is essentially an automatically generated documentation page for the event types that you support.

The event catalog was originally only accessible from the application portal, though we have since added the ability to make it public so that you can link to it directly from your docs. While this works great, one of the most common requests we got since launching this feature was to make it possible to host it on a custom domain so that it's served from rather than We have now made it possible!

By default, your event types are only accessible to users from within an authenticated session on the Application Portal. To make them publicly accessible, please first enable the "Make Public" setting from the Event Catalog configuration screen in the Dashboard settings.


Once you have made the event catalog public, please set the following record on your DNS provider:

  • Type: CNAME
  • Name: webhooks (or whatever subdomain you would like to use)
  • Value:

And let us know once you do so that we can activate it on our end.

Once activated you will be able to serve the Event Catalog from our custom domain for all of your environments!


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