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Diahook is now Svix


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Today we have some very special news to share. Diahook is now Svix.

This new identity better represents who we are and what we value. Our mission is to make the internet more connected and interoperable. To achieve this, we are making sending webhooks easy and reliable by offering webhooks sending and management as a service.

Webhooks are a core part of the web’s infrastructure; they are how servers send asynchronous events, and are a key part of every (good) API. Since they are the communication channel between server to server, they are also the communication channel between products, companies and people. Though even today, it's a massive pain to send and manage them, so they are underused. This is what we set out to solve.

Our new identity: Svix

Our previous name, Diahook, was born out of the problem we were solving (webhooks). Though as we continued to grow, we realized that the name doesn't convey who we are and what we value. It just alluded to the solution we chose.

Svix on the other hand, does. Both the look and sound of the name convey exactly what we value: speed, robustness, and simplicity. Say it out loud (pronounced sss-vix) and you'll feel the speed. Now take a look at the name. It's short, uses strong letters, and both its uppercase (SVIX) and lowercase (svix) forms look almost identical. These convey the robustness and simplicity we value so much.

As part of this change, we are also introducing a new logo and logotype:

New logo and logotype

The logo incorporates the letter S, with two connecting pieces, signifying the connectivity. The gap between the connecting parts creates a river which signifies the flow of information.

This is it for this update, though we have a few more announcements coming soon. So stay tuned!